Modern Countertop Is a Great Solution for Any Room!

11 January 2022

Our company keeps up with the times, we make your home comfortable and cozy using new innovative technologies! One of the indispensable attributes of many rooms are countertops made of natural material. In the STIL.YUA store you can buy or make custom wooden kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops.

The dream of any housewife with us becomes a reality! In fact, it is so desirable that the table-top had a heat-resistant covering and was not only strong and reliable, but also distinguished by the uniqueness and originality. That’s why we have created a radically new product, combining all the best qualities!

Undoubted advantages and differences of our countertops

Why do we create wooden countertops? Yes, because it is the most practical and environmentally friendly material used in ancient Rome. It is durable, practical and indispensable. Using new technologies, we combined wood, complementing it with the most modern unique Egger coating, which has become our calling card. Many customers have appreciated our kitchen countertops, as evidenced by the many positive reviews.

Egger countertops are extremely high quality, elastic, high strength. The main properties of this coating:

  • natural look;
  • moisture-resistant countertop;
  • increased material density;
  • super high level of protection;
  • natural texture;
  • water-repellent surface;
  • protection against mechanical damage;
  • environmental friendliness.

Which tabletop to choose?

No doubt it should be a wooden table top with Egger coating! Any natural tree will bring to your room only positive emotions and unique comfort.
When choosing a wooden countertop for the kitchen, bathroom countertop or countertop for the bar, pay attention to the coating, it should be as resistant as possible to scratches and damage. Our product is what you need, combining stability, quality and great results. Such countertops are not subject to deformation, do not change shape over time, do not crumble. Optimal symbiosis for many years!

Wooden countertops for the bathroom are of excellent quality, and they have been in increasing demand lately. They bring to the entourage of such a room notes of nobility and sophistication, not subject to time.

Moreover, such accessories look natural and natural, they can be repeatedly restored, they are pleasant to the touch and functional to use.
Feel free to choose Egger-coated wooden countertops, dismissing doubts, and appreciate all their benefits, as well as high performance!

Egger-coated countertops are practical and beautiful at the same time. This accessory perfectly harmonizes with any style. If you want to surprise everyone with a unique design, you can order from us non-standard countertops of any shape, size, design.
Remember, you need to choose a product that has proven itself well and suits you in all respects.

Countertops from STIL.UA meet all requirements and have no equal analogues! Our catalog is represented by many models that meet any customer requirements. We offer you to make a choice and buy Lviv countertops. We value your name and guarantee you product durability, quality and reliability. Welcome, fill your home with comfort with us!