5 580 ₴

*Price is per a non-extendable table L110 cm x W64.5 cm

Model: ST – 29
Type: Non-extendable/Extendable
Material type: Natural wood veneer
Edge: Lacquer finish/oil finish/RAL
Legs material type: Beech (lacquer finish)
Decor: CPL Egger, lacquer finish

Non-extendable table:

Dimensions [L х W], cm Price, ₴
110 x 64.5 5 580
115 х 75 6 370

Extendable table:

Dimensions [L х W], cm Extension leaf, cm Price, ₴
115(155) х 75 40 8 760

*Please note the table dimensions in a comment box to your order

Deceptively simple, our Ember extendable dining table rewards the eye with sleek Scandinavian style, neat design and enough practicality. This table features graceful natural beech legs and the organic wood veneer table top coated with ®EGGER Austrian decors that bring warm tones and peaceful vibes to your room. It is the perfect pick for cozy eat-in kitchens and smaller dining spaces alike.

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