Halden Minibar

Halden Minibar

starts at 3 590 ₴

Model: TB-6 mini half bar
Option height: 56 cm or 66 cm
Material: Ash wood
Seat: Fabric/cruelty free faux leather
Legs material: Metal
Width: 38.5 cm, Depth: 32.5 cm, Height: 56 cm/66 cm

Extra charge for the Jackson Pine finish: +460 UAH
CPL Egger decor coated seat: +230 UAH

The Halden Minibar counter stool offers contemporary design that allows you to easily incorporate it into your kitchen or dining room. All you need is to choose the upholstery color that can easily be integrated into your home’s current décor. The foundation of this stool is supported by a sturdy ash wood frame for a handcrafted aesthetic and a strong metal footrest for ergonomic support and durability.

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