How To Choose a Kitchen Table

10 January 2022

How to choose a kitchen table

The kitchen table is selected based on various criteria, including not only the design of furniture, but also their direct purpose. Yes, the shape of the tables and their functions can be different, depending on the size of the kitchen and the presence or absence in the house or apartment dining room.

You probably know that many city apartments in old buildings have one feature – their area is relatively small, divided into as many rooms as possible. In such houses, the kitchen has an area of ​​2.5-3 square meters or even less, which is why small kitchen furniture will be just right. Also in such houses the dining room is not provided: for reception of guests the drawing room serves. For the kitchen in such a house, we recommend buying a small table. Since there are not so many work surfaces, you will probably prepare a number of your culinary masterpieces on the table. Yes, it is worth buying a kitchen table with a table top made of a particularly durable material. For example, a plywood countertop will retain its appearance and will serve you for a very long time.

Modern apartments and houses have a variety of layouts. There are many facilities where the kitchen is a large room, it is often combined with a dining room. Such kitchens-dining rooms have a sufficient number of surfaces where you can cook. Yes, it will be appropriate to install a folding table. Table shapes and table lengths can vary. Here the choice is much wider:

  • you can buy folding tables: such tables for guests quickly increase in size due to a special insert;
  • the design of the table and its decor can be very different;
  • the width of the table and its length can be any (it all depends on the size of your area on the table and chairs).

We can offer you original kitchen tables of different types and configurations. You probably know that quality furniture starts with wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, durable materials. A dining table with a table top covered with a material that also has heat resistance, resistance to moisture and household chemicals is a dream of every housewife. All our tables are equipped with this coating, regardless of their purpose: dining room, kitchen or magazine. These are EGGER kitchen countertops.

Small kitchens – small kitchen tables

Buying a kitchen table today is easier than ever. But how to choose it? About it further. Naturally, a small table is suitable for a small kitchen, which, taking into account the chairs, will be convenient to use for your whole family.

We can develop a table design that will definitely meet all your requirements. Our modern kitchen tables are simple and reliable, made of time-tested reliable materials, such as special furniture plywood. Since this table is used both for cooking and as a dining room, it must have a solid foundation, its tabletop must be resistant to:

  • chemical;
  • mechanical;
  • thermal actions;
  • the influence of moisture.

This is the main thing you should be guided by before buying a kitchen table. Also important is the absence of sharp corners of the table due to the small size of the room where it will be used.

The Austrian company EGGER manufactures a special paper-plastic coating that meets all the above requirements. Yes, EGGER furniture plywood, from which all our countertops are made, is very durable, the surface:

  • does not react with food, moisture;
  • it can be easily washed with various, including aggressive, detergents;
  • it is not afraid of hot dishes.

It is worth noting that there are different options for EGGER tabletop decors, among which you are sure to choose the right style for your kitchen.

Natural wood in this respect is inferior to furniture plywood. Wood is resistant to mechanical influences, you can also put hot dishes on it, but over time the wood cracks and dirt begins to accumulate in the micropores. Also, the wood may eventually “twist” from moisture or constant exposure to high temperatures (for example, if the table will be near the battery).

Metal surfaces are the most resistant to wear, but its “disadvantages” are a significant increase in the cost of the table, the visibility of scratches. It is worth noting that many people find the interior of such a table a bit uncomfortable and cold.

The glass table visually expands the kitchen, makes it more “airy”, but the glass surface is unsuitable for cooking some food, it is quite difficult to care for. Also, the glass is not able to withstand point shocks (for example, you can not make chops) and sharp heat (you can not put hot dishes).

Laminated chipboard, which is often used to make many tables, also has a number of significant disadvantages. So, over time, the laminate will peel off, the plate – swell from moisture.

The ideal solution for a small kitchen would be a small round or square table made of furniture plywood with EGGER coating. And for kitchens of a little bigger sizes you can buy folding tables.

Large folding table – decoration of a large kitchen and dining room

The main criteria that are recommended to be guided before buying a kitchen table are the number of people who constantly eat at it, the design of the table, the decor of the table and its characteristics. As a rule, a large table for each day is selected so that it can freely accommodate all members of your family, there is a place for relatives or friends who often visit you. recommends: in order to feel absolutely comfortable at the table, everyone needs their own area, the width of which is at least 600-700 mm.

We recommend dividing the large kitchen-dining room into zones: dining and working, which may differ in design. Our dining tables are just able to divide your kitchen into several zones. There are also a number of methods of zoning space:

  • lighting;
  • multilevel ceilings;
  • color and so on.

Dining tables will play an important role in the design of the dining area. Often one set, which includes a folding table and chairs, is enough to highlight the dining area among the overall design of the kitchen. Kitchen tables with EGGER countertops are a good example of such zoning.

The shape and material of the table are dictated by the design features of the room. Yes, a folding table of square or rectangular shape is ideal for a kitchen made in a classic interior. Oval and round tables have their advantage – sitting behind them you can more conveniently get the dishes set in the center.

Large folding tables have a number of features, including good stability on any surface, monumentality of products, increased strength of all load-bearing structural elements. All this and much more is provided by plywood furniture.

It is worth noting that dining tables made of plywood or wood are “environmentally friendly” products, for which they are highly valued by users. EGGER plywood countertops also have a nice “bonus” – a very long lifespan. Glass and metal are usually not used to make large kitchen tables.

Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used.