7 220 ₴

*Price is per a non-extendable table L90 cm x W65 cm

Model: ST – 26
Type: Non-extendable / Extendable (book extension system)
Material type: Natural wood veneer
Decor: CPL Egger
Legs size: 7.3 x 7.3 cm
Apron width: 10 cm
Apron: 9cm height for up to 180cm length of a table top
10cm height for at least 180cm length of a table top

Basic, essential and timeless, the Bergen dining table is designed to offer enough practicality, comfort and warmth for a range of environments: homes, restaurants, or even offices. It is constructed from the masterful combination of ®EGGER Austrian decors and the organic wood veneer used for its durability and strength. This table displays the unique markings and color variations of wood, enriching the overall design and bringing warm tones and peaceful vibes to your room.

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