12 350 ₴

*Price per a non-extendable table L110 cm x W65 cm

Model: ST – 36
Type: Non-extendable/Extendable (book extension system)
Table top material: Natural wood veneer
Decor: CPL ®EGGER (Austria) – scratch, heat, and moisture resistant
Material type of legs and apron: Natural wood veneer
Platform base dimensions:  45 x 80 x 4 cm

Extra charge for the Jackson Pine finish with the 45° edge cut: +250 UAH, or the extra thick edge: +630 UAH
Extra charge for extending the legs height to 85 cm: +1250 UAH
Extra thick table top: +2500 UAH (If it is an extendable table, the extra thickness of the table top is only offered. The leaf goes with its original thickness)

The Felix dining table offers unique and stylish design with its exquisite X-shaped sturdy supporting legs. The exclusive combination of ®EGGER decors and wood veneer provides highly durability of surfaces, protecting the table from wear and tear. With the integrated leaves storage and easy-to-use mechanism for opening and closing the top, Felix opens up a wealth of possibilities of use. It will work for dinner parties and smaller suppers with your nearest and dearest alike. Let Felix become the focal point of your dining room, kitchen, or even conference area.

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