Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

41 500 ₴

* Price is per a 125cm diameter table with a 60cm leaf

Type: Extendable
Table top material: Natural wood veneer
Decor: CPL ®EGGER (Austria) – scratch, heat, and moisture resistant


Model ST - 39
Base material Metal
Base colour Black
Base and fasteners origin Italy

Make your home a warm and inviting space with our Mont Blanc extendable table. It rewards the eye with the out-of-the-ordinary yet stylish design that strikes a sophisticated balance between wood and metal and makes this table the perfect pick for Scandinavian and loft-style aesthetics.

The Mont Blanc table showcases the round-shaped table top crafted from the natural wood veneer and coated with ®EGGER Austrian decors that provide highly durability of the surface. Those beautifully-shaped legs with geometric accents are a standout feature that adds a substantial elegance to your kitchen, living room, porch, and dining area. Create the ultimate gathering space with our Mont Blanc extending table!

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