7 130 ₴

*Price is per a 90cm diameter table

Type: Non-extendable/Extendable (butterfly extension leaves)
Materials: Natural wood veneer / MDF
Decor: CPL ®EGGER (Austria) – scratch, heat, and moisture resistant

Non-extendable table:

Diameter, cm Price, ₴
90 7 130
98 8 280
107 9 430
120 11 730

Extendable table (Butterfly extension leaves):

Diameter, cm Price, ₴
90 (+30) 9 890
98 (+30) 11 040
107 (+40) 12 190
120 (+47) 14 490

*Please note the table dimensions in a comment box to your order


Model: ST – 30
Edge Toning/lacquer finish/oil finish/RAL
Legs material type:  Ash (toning/lacquer finish/oil finish/RAL)

The Oliver table has clean lines and a simple silhouette to become the perfect centerpiece in smaller spaces and cozy eat-in kitchens alike. It balances practical concerns with elegant aesthetics that make this table the focal point of your home space. Oliver rests on four natural ash legs that bring warm tones and peaceful vibes to your room. The round-shaped table top is made of the organic wood veneer and ®EGGER Austrian decor that provide extra durability and resistant qualities of the surface. 

It is a good choice for enjoying your breakfast or brunch, everyday dining with family, and bringing your close friends together.


Extra charge for the Jackson Pine finish: +630 UAH

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